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Every time we wash our clothes they shed fibres. These fibers are a major source of microplastics pollution in oceans. Our filters stop 90% of them.

October is for Oceans

Join us during the world’s first month-long celebration of oceans. This year, we’re uncovering the link between (fast)fashion and microplastic pollution.


Watch Mojca, founder & CEO, speak about PlanetCare's mission and story at the world's first Plastic Health Summit.


Globally, 1.5 million tons of microplastics end up in ocans. A major part of it are microfibers, which are released every time we wash our clothes.

Support the fight against microplastics pollution

Donate to help us move the issue toward a future in which fiber pollution will be a thing of the past. We are grateful for any amount!

How it works

Start filtering

Start filtering

Order your microfibre filter and install it in less than 10 minutes. Check out our shop for your best deal.

Replace cartridges

Replace cartridges

The cartridges will fill up with microfibres after about 20 washes. Replacing them takes only a few minutes.

Receive new cartridges

Receive new cartridges

Return the used cartridges to PlanetCare using the supplied box and new cartridges are delivered to your house.

We close the loop

We close the loop

To ensure we don’t create more waste we reuse 95% of our filters and recycle 5%. Read more about this on our blog.

Planetcare's Positive Enviromental Impact

In 5 years, our users will stop over 500 tons of microfibre emissions, which would fill 16 Olympic pools and weigh as much as 105 elephants.

Loved by our customers

Finally consumers can take action. If we wait for the fashion industry, it can take years before this problem is solved.

Maria Westerbos founder Plastic Soup Foundation

You can't control your family (teenagers loving to buy fast fashion), but thanks to the PlanetCare microfibre filter you can control what comes out of your washing machine.

Frederikke Magnussen, Cofounder of Plastic Planet and a Mum of 3

Hi Guys, wanted to let you know we are filtering! The quality of this apparatus is over the top impressive!

Kirk, Minneapolis

PlanetCare microfibre filters are the cheapest, most compact and most aesthetically pleasing filters I could find online and I am certainly delighted with how well they work.

Fiona, Scotland

Just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied with your service! Requesting a pick-up for the cartridges was very easy and everything went perfect. Within 9 days we received our new box! Thanks and keep up the good work!


Thank you for your product. I am shocked at how much sludge it has filtered. This is very important work. Thank you for making a difference.

Kelly, New Zealand

A word from Mojca, Founder & CEO

Mojca Zupan

I'm so proud we're offering an effective and affordable solution for microfiber pollution that goes way beyond conscience clearing. But most of all, I've just been so excited to see how many people care deeply about the issue, too. It's amazing and makes me optimistic about the future. My team and I envision a world in which every washing machine has a pollution-stopping filter: it's been done in cars years and years ago, so this has been long overdue. Thank you for sharing our vision, we can't make it without you!

PlanetCare in the media


Slovenia-based startup PlanetCare is one of a handful of companies that have products designed to catch fibers shed in the washing machine, before they flow into the water system.


"Enter Zupan's clever invention – the PlanetCare filter. Designed for easy installation on the outside of a washing machine, it connects to the water supply and collects up to 90% of a wash load's fibers inside a sealed cartridge."


"I saw these big microscopic pictures of microfibers," Zupan says of the tiny grains of plastic that slough off synthetic textiles and seep into bodies of water. "It's ridiculous. Washing machines pollute so heavily."

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