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PlanetCare Support the fight against microplastics pollution. Please donate today.

PlanetCare spends a significant part of its efforts to raise awareness about the microfiber issue, linking and working together with relevant stakeholders from the non-governmental, academic and research sectors. Our aim is to use our particular experience and perspective for transparent and fact-based informing of the public as well as policymakers. As one of very few companies pursuing an immediate reduction of fiber pollution our focus is on implementation of efficient and practical solutions with a high impact.

While you can best support our mission through the purchase and use of our unique filters, you can also choose to donate to help us move the issue toward a future in which fiber pollution will be a thing of the past. We are grateful for any amount! Your support is an additional motivation for our whole team to do even more.

Thank you!

Paris17Feb2020 OECD Meeting Feb2020
Paris17Feb2020 OECD Meeting Feb2020
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