A letter from our Chief Science Officer - Planet Care

A letter from our Chief Science Officer


To mark the Earth Day and celebrate our community we asked Andrej, our Chief Science Officer, to share some thoughts on the positive impact of our supporters’ actions.

Dear Friends,

At PlanetCare we are thrilled with every single person that decides to stop releasing microfibres from their household into the environment. This is a joint effort similar to voting: each individual action is small but the cumulative effect is great. Every filter counts and contributes!

All our users and followers are among the early trendsetters for a quickly growing action that has already attracted the attention of policymakers. In December 2019 France was the first country to pass binding legislation that will require all new washing machines to be equipped with filters for fibres. So apart from not polluting, you are fuelling a much broader transition. Policymakers are looking for solutions that work in the real environment and can ‘show traction’ with users, before they can recommend new rules. And with your actions, you are providing the proof they are looking for.

But beyond the ‘bigger picture’ you can be particularly proud about stopping fibres that come from every wash you make. We estimate that between 0,6 and 0,9 grams are released from each wash-load. That means every person using our filter is preventing upwards from 12 grams of fibres from entering the environment each month. Although 12 grams of fibres sounds like a small amount, it is in fact a handful of fluffy fibres that can be counted in millions and billions.

We thank you for your choice and support. In the effort to make oceans plastic-free again we are all on the same team. Thanks for being with us: on Earth day and, more importantly, on every other day of the year!

Andrej Kržan, PhD
Chief Science Officer

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