Meeting Brune Poirson to discuss the roadmap to achieving zero plastic waste in the oceans


Mojca, alongside Brune Poirson, NGOs, and industry leaders, discussed the implications of France’s new anti-waste law, under which all new washing machines will have to be fitted with a microfibre filter after 1 January 2025.

We’ve been invited to speak at the event, organised by Brune Poirson, discussing the path to achieving zero plastic pollution in the oceans. In January 2020, France passed an ‘anti-waste law’, focussing on circular economy and waste reduction. Under this law, every new washing machine sold in France after 1 January 2025 will have to be fitted with a microfibre filter. This is a landmark moment and we are very honoured our expertise and efforts in developing an effective microfibre filter for washing machines are being recognised. We are very much looking forward to the next steps.


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