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PlanetCare Household filter

Our household microfiber filter is an external filter, which can be installed on any domestic washing machine. The filter will stop 90% of microfibres from polluting the environment. It’s a retrofit device and you don’t need any professional help or tools to install it.

The installation takes around 10 minutes and you will be guided through all steps by watching our how-to video. After the initial set-up, you will need to replace a full cartridge after approximately 20 wash cycles. After installing the last new cartridge, you will send the used cartridges back to PlanetCare (cartridges come in a returnable box with prepaid postage) and we'll send you a new set.

PlanetCare refurbishes all used cartridges. 95% of the cartridge is reused and 5% is collected for recycling. Our return-and-reuse scheme makes the solution entirely circular; ensuring waste minimisation and stopping the release of fibres into the environment at any point.

PlanetCare filters are available worldwide from our online shop. Every user receives a filter, replacement cartridges, a hose, a mount, and a small counter of wash cycles. You can choose between a monthly subscription service and a starter pack.

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