Independent tests' results - Planet Care

Testing the PlanetCare Filter

Right from its founding PlanetCare has maintained its commitment to providing efficient, practical and affordable solutions that will allow every household to stop sending microfibres into the environment.

An important part of this strategy was to employ independent, scientific, state-of-the-art testing all along the way. Results from these tests (and many, many internal tests including constant use in our own homes) have helped us to develop a market leading product that is now offered to our customers and comes with an efficiency guarantee.

Key external tests (click to download reports): Soon to come: University of Plymouth, UK

Endless testing is performed in our own lab and in our homes. Unlike external efficiency tests we combine efficiency with durability tests and go even beyond 30 consecutive washing cycles. Apart from following fibre retention our testing station simultaneously measures water flow, machine functions and pressure drops in real time.

Filter testing station in our laboratory

Our filters will continue to be tested and improved so that we can provide the best and most efficient solution to all that wish to reduce plastic pollution of our planet.


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